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About Me

Crafting emotion through his music is something Vital Mistake has always been passionate about. He combines the best elements of cinematic orchestral music with dance music. Vital Mistake often performs with full orchestral mixes that have beautiful strings and powerful brass that build up to climactic drops. For Vital Mistake, it's about more than the just the music, It's about the emotion he creates with his music.


Anxiety is something I've dealt with for a very long time. And a lot of my music has a bit of a darker sound to it. After dealing with a significant amount of stress I wanted to write a song that was happier than my other music. After I finished creating this track I remember listening to it and taking a huge breath of release. And that was how it got its name.


Time is the most valuable resource we have. Unfortunately, so much of it is wasted on trivial things. After releasing my Ep, Broken Strings, I really wanted my next song to be about something important to me. After finishing this song, I knew I had something special. And I couldn't be more excited to release it to the world!

Broken Strings

When I was producing Broken Strings, my ultimate goal was to find my sound. I absolutely love Dance music, but I began my journey on the violin when I was in kindergarten. And after many months of staring at a blank screen, I finally found inspiration when I decided to fuse where I am in my life with where I began. 

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